Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2023: Seva Sindhu Shakti Smart Card

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The Karnataka Shakti Program: The Karnataka Shakti Scheme is a new project that Karnataka has started. By giving them free bus transportation, it seeks to empower women. From June 11, 2023, women in Karnataka can benefit from this program. It attempts to promote gender equality and get rid of transportation restrictions. We’ll examine the specifics of the program to learn how Karnataka women can apply for a Shakti Smart Card and take advantage of this chance.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2023

Scheme NameShakti Scheme
Other NameUchita Prayana Scheme
Launch byKarnataka new cm Siddaramaiah
BenefitFree bus service
BeneficiaryWomen of the state
Helpline Number1902

Through the Gruha Jyoti Plan, the Karnataka government offers 200 units of free electricity to Karnataka residents.

What is Karnataka Shakti Scheme 

  • Women in Karnataka can use the bus for free according to the Karnataka Shakti Program.
  • On June 11, 2023, implementation gets under way.
  • Women living in Karnataka are eligible for the program.
  • With the Seva Sindhu Portal, you have three months to submit an application for the Shakti Smart Card.
  • On the program’s official website, you may find further details:

The major goal of the Karnataka Shakti Program is to provide easy-to-use transportation options for women in the state of Karnataka. In order to empower women and advance gender equality, the program provides free bus rides.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme Benefits

  • Women will have easier access to transportation services, making it simpler for women to get to their jobs, schools, hospitals, and other key locations.
  • The plan lessens the financial strain on women by covering their transportation expenses. After that, the ladies can use their money to pay for additional essentials like transportation, food, healthcare, or education.
  • By reducing the financial barrier associated with commuting, free bus fares would encourage more women to enter the workforce. Women will be better able to work and contribute to the economy.
  • Independence and self-determination: Providing women with free transportation alternatives promotes their independence, travel freedom, and ease of movement around the state.

Under the Gruha Lakshmi Yojana, the Karnataka government offers Rs. 2,000 per month to women in the state.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme Allowed Buses

  • North West Karnataka Road Transport Company (NWKRTC), Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), Kalyana Karnataka Road Transport Corporation, and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KKRTC)

Karnataka Shakti Scheme Not Allowed Buses

  • No-AC Rajahamsa Sleeper
  • Airavat Ambari EV Power Plus Vajra

Under the Karnataka Anna Bhagya Program, the Karnataka government offers 10 kg of rice to the state’s poorest residents for free.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The Karnataka Shakti Scheme has requirements for participation. The Karnataka Shakti Scheme requires that you meet these requirements in order to be eligible.

  • The state where you should live is Karnataka.
  • The program is accessible to transgender people as well.
  • Women living in Karnataka are eligible for the program.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme Required Documents

Some documents must be submitted in order to apply for the Karnataka Shakti Program and receive the Shakti Smart Card.

  • These records serve as evidence of identification, residence, and other pertinent data. A valid government-issued ID card, such as a driver’s license or Aadhar card, must be presented by applicants as confirmation of identity.
  • Aadhar cards, voter ID cards, and utility bills are all acceptable forms of address verification.
  • For identification purposes, applicants should also include a recent passport-sized photo.
  • If applicable, a transgender certificate issued by the appropriate government is needed for transgender people.

To successfully enroll in the Karnataka Shakti Program and take use of the advantages of free bus travel, candidates must make sure they have certain documents on hand throughout the application procedure.

Under Karnataka Yuva Nidhi Scheme, Govt. provides Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3,000 every month to youth of the State.

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How to Apply for Shakti Smart Card 

The procedure of applying for a Shakti Smart Card can be quite easy. Do the actions detailed below:

  1. Please click the Seva Sindhu portal’s official link:
  2. If this is your first time using the site, finish the signup process.
  3. Using the provided credentials to log into the portal.
  4. “Application for Shakti Smart Card” should be clicked.
  5. Please complete the form with all relevant information.
  6. Please submit your application.

Karnataka Shakti Yojana Launched 11 June

CM to Introduce Karnataka Shakti Program Tickets Will Be Sent To People On June 11 Siddaramaiah, the chief minister of Karnataka, has volunteered to drive buses to commemorate the launch of the Karnataka Shakti Programme in 2023. He would hand out tickets to people using route 43 of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation as a way to emphasize the significance of the program. By offering free and convenient transportation, the Chief Minister’s action underlines the Karnataka Congress Government’s commitment to empowering women.

Karnataka Shakti Yojana Application Last Date

Within three months after the introduction of this program, an application must be submitted. In other words, women must apply by September 11 in order to receive the reward.

Karnataka Shakti Yojana Application Status

  1. You must first visit the official website.
  2. Click on “check your application status” after that.
  3. Then, enter your application ID, department, and service.
  4. then select the button for status check.
  5. Displayed on your computer screen is the application status.

The Karnataka Vinaya Samarasya Yojana was started by the Karnataka government with the goal of eradicating untouchability and focusing on providing funding for the state’s SC/ST population to rebuild and improve their standard of living.

Karnataka Shakti Yojana Latest Update

In the previous 10 days, more than 5 million women have taken advantage of the Shakti Yojana’s free bus rides, with a ticket cost of over Rs 139 crore overall. Let’s hope that encouraging free bus travel would encourage more women to join the workforce since the proportion of women in the labor is declining.

Karnataka Shakti Yojana Helpline Number

The phone number for the Karnataka Shakti Scheme is 1902. Women can phone this number if they have any questions or complaints about this scheme.


The Karnataka Shakti Program, which promotes gender equality and offers free bus transit to women in Karnataka, is a fantastic opportunity. In this program, the state government wants to improve women’s mobility, empower them, and remove obstacles to transportation. By requesting a Shakti smart card, women can travel around the state easily and economically. This program should be supported if we want to build a more inclusive and empowered society.

For whom is the Karnataka Shakti Scheme appropriate?

Women living in the state of Karnataka are eligible to apply for the program. Those who identify as transgender are also eligible for the program’s benefits.

How do I submit a Shakti Smart Card application?

Visit the official Seva Sindhu Portal (https://sevasindhuservices.karnataka.gov.in/) to submit an application for the Shakti Smart Card. To apply for a Shakti smart card, sign up as a new user, go into the portal, and select that option. Complete the online application form and submit it.

What advantages does the Karnataka Shakti Scheme offer?

The scheme provides free bus travel to women in Karnataka, enabling greater accessibility to job, education, healthcare, and other critical destinations. By eliminating transportation expenses, it also lessens financial pressure and encourages women to enter the workforce, fostering their independence and empowerment.

What bus companies are covered by the program?

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), the North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC), and the Kalyana Karnataka Road Transport Corporation are all covered by the Karnataka Shakti Programme (KKRTC).

Are there any particular buses that the program does not permit?

The Karnataka Shakti Plan excludes some bus kinds, including Rajahamsa, Non-AC sleeper, Vajra, Airavat, Ambari, and EV Power Plus.

What paperwork must be submitted in order to apply for the Shakti Smart Card?

A passport-sized image, an Aadhaar card, voter ID card, or utility bill serving as evidence of address are also required of applicants, as well as, if necessary, a transgender certificate.

Is the program only valid for travel within Karnataka?

Indeed, the Karnataka Shakti Scheme’s free bus travel is limited to trips within the state of Karnataka.

How long is the Shakti Smart Card application period?

Three months after the scheme’s launch date, applications for the Shakti Smart Card are accepted.

Can males take use of the program’s free bus travel?

Although the Karnataka Shakti Programme primarily aims to give free bus travel to women, 50% of the seats on state-owned buses are set aside for men.

Is there a specific website that provides further details on the Karnataka Shakti Scheme?

Yes, you can visit the official website for further information on the Karnataka Shakti Scheme at https://sevasindhuservices.karnataka.gov.in/.

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