List of Indian Government Internships Schemes and Program 2023, Application Process form

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Government internship programs in India offer students beneficial chances to actively participate in the creation of public policy while obtaining practical experience. In addition to providing experiential learning, these programs often award certificates that raise the value of students’ academic degrees. This article examines a number of internship programs provided by several central government agencies, highlighting the requirements, timelines, application processes, stipends, and advantages they provide to prospective interns.

Indian Government Internships Schemes and Program 2023

Internship ProgramDurationStipend
RBI Internship Program6 monthsRs. 35,000
NITI Aayog Internship Program6 weeksNo stipend
External Affairs Ministry Internship Program1-6 monthsNo stipend
Law and Justice Ministry Internship Program4-6 monthsNo stipend
Directorate General of Foreign Trade Internship Program2 monthsRs. 10,000
Corporate Affairs Ministry Internship Program2 monthsRs. 10,000
Finance Ministry Internship Program2-6 monthsRs. 10,000
Competition Commission Internship Program1 monthRs. 10,000
Women and Child Development Ministry Internship ProgramVariesNo stipend
Ministry of Culture Internship ProgramsVariesNo stipend

Government Internships Program 2023

RBI Internship Program

For students interested in economics, finance, banking, and related fields, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) offers an internship program.

  • Applicants working toward research or doctoral degrees in banking, economics, finance, or related fields are welcome to apply.
  • Candidates for the B.Tech. and B.E. programs who possess computer expertise, data analytic abilities, and degrees in economics, statistics, or finance are also welcome to apply.

The 6-month RBI internship program lasts six months.


A Rs. 35,000 monthly stipend is given to chosen candidates as financial assistance for the duration of their internship.

How to Apply

By accessing the website and submitting their résumé or application form before the deadline, interested candidates can submit their applications.

NITI Aayog Internship Program

Internship programs are available at a number of government ministries through NITI Aayog, the organization in charge of scheme development and decision-making.

  • Students enrolled in undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), or research studies are eligible to apply for the NITI Aayog internship programs.

The internship program lasts for six weeks, although it can be extended for up to three months if it is judged essential.


The internship program gives a worthwhile learning opportunity despite not offering a pay.

How to Apply

Visitors can apply by going to the NITI Aayog internship program’s official website and following the instructions there. It’s crucial to be aware of the precise application window, which is often within the first ten days of every month.

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External Affairs Ministry Internship Program

India is represented at international gatherings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which also oversees diplomatic ties. Their internship program provides knowledge about how foreign policy is created.


Offsite applicants should be engaged in post-graduate initiatives, while applicants on site must be enrolled in graduation programs.


This internship program’s duration can vary from one to six months, giving applicants flexibility.


Despite the lack of a salary, the internship program offers a beneficial education in foreign policy and diplomacy.

How to Apply

In addition to receiving approval from their institution or university, applicants must also provide three valid IDs, information from their Aadhar Card, a No Objection Certificate (NOC), and a recommendation from the head of their department (HOD). Applications may be submitted at and, respectively.

Law and Justice Ministry Internship Program

The internship program run by the Legislative Department, which is vital to the implementation of laws, concentrates on improving expertise of drafting legislation.


The internship is open to final-year legal students from respectable institutions.


The internship typically lasts four months, giving interns the time to obtain in-depth knowledge of legal issues. The period may be prolonged in exceptional circumstances by up to six months.


Despite the lack of a stipend, interns do get a diploma at the end of the program in recognition of their important work.

How to Apply

Candidates must submit their résumé to by the deadline, along with a letter of recommendation and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their college head.

Directorate General of Foreign Trade Internship Program

To encourage trade and export cooperation, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade develops commercial laws. Its internship program offers useful knowledge on these fields.


Final-year law students and recent graduates in the fields of law, business, finance, and economics may participate in the internship program.


The internship sessions are split into two time frames: the summer session, which runs from June through July, and the winter session, which runs from December through January. The internship program’s two-month length gives interns enough time to explore the complexities of international trade.


A monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000 is given to chosen interns as a thank you for their work.

How to Apply

The application letter, resume, and any other relevant papers must be uploaded to by the deadline, which varies based on the internship session.

Corporate Affairs Ministry Internship Program

Trade and corporate laws in India are governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Our ministry’s internship program gives participants access to these crucial areas directly.


Students in their last year of a B.Tech. in computer science, postgraduate students, and research-oriented students in IT, management, economics, commerce, law, or finance are all eligible to apply.


The two-month internship program provides an accelerated yet thorough learning environment.


A monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000 is given to chosen interns as compensation for their hard work and devotion.

How to Apply

The application deadline, which is normally the 31st of January each year, requires all applicants to submit their application forms via the designated website by that date.

Finance Ministry Internship Program

The Finance Ministry is a key player in important financial choices that affect the economy of the country. For students pursuing specialized degrees in management, finance, and economics, their internship program provides a platform.


Students in their fourth or fifth year of study who are enrolled in special 5-year programmes in management, finance, and economics are eligible to apply.


The internship program lasts between two and six months, giving interns plenty of time to immerse themselves in financial topics.


A monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000 is provided to each chosen intern to help with living expenses while they are completing their internship.

How to Apply

In order to apply, candidates must mail their application forms, CVs, and other needed papers to the Ministry of Finance. In order to ensure that the application reaches the ministry by January 1st for internships beginning in February, it is advised to submit it at least one month in advance.

Competition Commission Internship Program

The Competition Commission is responsible for upholding consumer laws and fostering fair competition in the consumer market. Students can get knowledge about these topics through their internship program and have the chance to support the cause.


Applicants must have a good academic background in management, law, finance, and economics.


The one-month internship program provides a brief but significant learning opportunity.


A cash award of Rs. 10,000 is given to the chosen interns as a thank-you for their hard work and devotion.

How to Apply

Application forms, college information, identity and educational documentation, as well as a synopsis of the subject they desire to specialize on, must be submitted to the appropriate department by applicants. You can upload these files to

Women and Child Development Ministry Internship Program

The development of women and children is the main goal of the Women and Child Development Ministry. Their internship program is intended to support the creation and execution of plans in these fields.


These internship programs are open to graduates, postgraduates, and research applicants with any topic background.


Depending on the applicants’ qualifications, the internship’s length varies:

  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree can participate in the internship program for one month.
  • Candidates for postgraduate degrees are eligible to take part in one- to three-month internships.
  • Applicants who have earned a postgraduate degree are eligible to participate in six-month internships.
  • Duration: The department offers applicants flexibility by offering four different internship sessions throughout the year, allowing them to select the time period that best suits their needs.

Participants in the internship program are not paid stipends. Nonetheless, interns in the field of women and child development receive priceless experience and knowledge.

How to Apply

Candidates must go to the official website of the internship program for the Women and Child Development Ministry in order to get information and submit applications. The website offers comprehensive guidance on qualifying requirements, application deadlines, and necessary paperwork. As part of the application procedure, you must upload each of the required documents on the list.

Ministry of Culture Internship Programs

The country’s historical relics and cultural legacy are preserved through the management of museums by the Ministry of Culture. For students with specialized subject knowledge, they provide internship programs.


The selection process gives precedence to candidates who have degrees in anthropology, art history, history, sciences, archaeology, museology, languages, sculpture, library sciences, and fine arts.


There are separate sessions for the summer and winter internship programs:

  • Program lengths for the summer sessions might be 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • The winter sessions usually last between nine and twelve months.
  • Duration: The winter sessions begin in December, January, or February, while the summer sessions begin in May, June, or July.

The chosen interns in the Ministry of Culture internship programs are not paid.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can discover important details, such as qualifying requirements, application deadlines, and required documents, by clicking on the link The application process requires that all of the aforementioned documents be uploaded.


In India, government internship programs serves as stepping stones for students looking for real-world experience and career advancement. These programs, provided by numerous central government departments, allow chances to influence policy and develop insightful knowledge in various subjects. Students who qualify can apply for internships in their chosen fields and gain practical experience, credentials, and, occasionally, stipends. By encouraging skill development and broadening awareness in all facets of public service, participation in these government internship programs offers doors to a bright future.

What are the Indian government’s internship programs?

Government internship programs are efforts launched by various central government ministries in India to give students opportunity to participate in policymaking and gain hands-on learning experiences.

What advantages come with taking part in government internship programs?

Students who take part in government internship programs can develop their skills and expertise, create connections with the business world, and add significantly to the worth of their academic degrees by receiving certifications.

For whom are applications for government internship programs acceptable?

Depending on the department and internship program, different requirements apply. Students enrolled in appropriate undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), or research courses are typically eligible. Specialization, educational background, and degree level are examples of specific requirements.

Are stipends offered by government internship programs?

Some government internship programs provide stipends to selected interns as a means of financial support, while others do not. Availability and amounts of stipends differ according to the program and department.

What is the duration of government internship programs?

Government internship programs range in length. Depending on the program, it may last a few weeks to several months. For each program, the article typically includes the length of the internship.

How can I submit an application for government internships?

Every internship program has a different application process, which is mentioned in the article. Applicants must generally follow the instructions for applying, which may involve submitting an online application form, providing the necessary files, and meeting application deadlines.

Can I submit numerous applications to government internship programs?

You may submit applications for as many government internship programs as your qualifications and interests allow. Just make sure you pay close attention to each program’s requirements and application deadlines.

How are candidates chosen for government internship programs?

Programs and departments have different selection procedures. The normal process is reviewing applications, shortlisting applicants based on eligibility requirements, and occasionally including interviews or additional assessments.

Are there only Indian citizens eligible for government internship programs?

In general, Indian citizens are eligible for government internship programs. However, some restrictions or preferences could be listed in a given program’s eligibility requirements.

Do government internship programs provide prospects for future employment?

Participating in government internship programs can improve your abilities, understanding, and professional network, which might improve your prospects of finding employment in the future. The expertise and exposure to government work situations that internships offer can be advantageous to one’s professional chances.

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